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Vocal Care for Singers in the Southwest

The Southwest is undoubtedly a beautiful place to live and work. The climate is pretty nice, too. Unfortunately, the very things that make the weather and location appealing can wreak havoc on a singer. For a healthy voice, there are several things singers in the Southwest should do.

  1. Hydrate all the time, every day. Singing with dry vocal cords can cause injury. This is perhaps the greatest challenge of singing in the desert country. Carry that water bottle with you to every rehearsal and performance and refill it often.
  2. Don’t skip those warm-ups. It’s a tempting thing to do, especially when you’re running late, but a good warm-up gently gets those cords moving. This is crucial in higher altitude areas especially.
  3. Know when it’s time for professional help. Too many singers try to slog through vocal problems on their own. Meeting with an ENT specialist may save you time, money, and grief. When necessary, head surgery Farmington NM can alleviate a wide variety of vocal problems.
  4. Get enough rest. We know, your concert didn’t finish until 11:00 pm and you finally hit the sack at 1:00 am only to get up early for a meet and greet. It’s not a lifestyle conducive to sleep. Make the time to rest. Athletes can’t compete in the big game without enough sleep, and neither can you. 
  5. Don’t smoke. Don’t be around others who smoke. Smoke from cigarettes, cigars, etc., will wear down your voice faster than just about anything else. The smoke itself is a problem, but the coughing it induces is, too. Clearing your throat and coughing frequently inflicts trauma on your vocal cords.
  6. Eat well. Singers are prone to acid reflux. Avoid the foods that can cause it, such as coffee, citrus, spicy foods, and tomatoes. Limit the alcohol, too. Give your vocal cords healthy foods.
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