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Whether a person is on an international vacation or just wants to experience a different culture, world music can be the perfect way to get into that zone. From traditional folk tunes to modern dance-pop, there are plenty of styles to choose from. This post will go over some of the best types of world music.

Types of World Music

Folk Music

Folk music is a great way to experience the culture of a country. It encompasses a lot of different styles and typically includes storytelling, singing, and dancing. In many cases, it’s about passing on traditions from one generation to the next. Folk music is often based on indigenous instruments, such as drums or guitars. It can be upbeat or slow-paced depending on the region.

Latin-American Music

Latin-American music has a wide variety of genres, from romantic ballads to upbeat dance numbers. A lot of Latin-American music is perfect to get the feet tapping and heart racing, but some styles touch on the more somber aspects of life as well.


Afro-pop is a style of music that mixes African rhythms with contemporary pop. It can be a great genre to explore for people who want a mix of the traditional and modern. Afro-pop is also good for international travel as it emphasizes global harmony and peace.

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Classical World Music

Classical world music Jenkintown PA is the traditional folk tunes of various cultures. This includes instrumental work that accompanies vocals, like in Spanish guitar or Native American flute. Listeners can get a feel for the culture by listening to these different styles.

It may seem hard to pick from so many different styles of world music, but listeners should experiment and find what works for them. Music doesn’t just come down to cultural traditions, but personality. This means that regardless of a person’s background, there are many reasons why he or she might resonate with one style more than another.

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