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Are you a budding artist or art aficionado?  So often we feel like we must stroll through museums or galleries to enjoy art.  While the nation and the world are full of museums and galleries, art is not limited to these venues.  Art is all around us.  Traditional art can be the performing arts which include theatre, ballet, improvisation and many other forms of performing arts.  Music in its many forms is also art in motion. Visual arts include painting, sculpting and other three dimensional forms of expression. Mother Nature has an art form all to its own. Some of the most classic paintings are of botanicals found across the world.

How do you find your inspiration for art? Head to the beach and get inspired by the ocean waves, collections of sea shells and sand dunes. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select a comfortable outdoor beach chair from West Marine and relax with your feet in the sand and mind tuned to the sound of the crashing waves and hungry sea gulls. Art is where ever you make it. Whether you’re a novice or experienced painter, bring a set of watercolors to the beach and let your imagination run wild. One of the beauties of art is there is no right or wrong. Do you appreciate photography? Start with your smartphone and capture stunning sunsets, crabs in the dunes and crashing waves as subjects to begin photography exploration.  You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to developing your own form of art.

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From the mountains to the coast and the urban centers in between, the country is filled with objects of art just waiting to be explored. Head to Europe and admire the masters in the myriad of museums available in just about every major European city. Cityscapes and those who inhabit them can serve as inspiration for your own art work. Enjoy exploring your new passion!

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