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Mastering music is a life-long pursuit. Whether you are a vocalist or an instrumentalist, you know the importance of diligent practice. With great patience, you work on the basics. First, you learn how to make intentional sound and match a pitch. Then, you progress to reading notes and interpreting Latin terms (forte or pianissimo) on a page of music. Once you are proficient, you may want to write your own music. To understand composition, you need circle theory.

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Understanding Basic Music Theory

Music is made up of three basic elements: melody, harmony and rhythm. Most people recognize a melody as the main theme of a song. Harmony gives it a certain feel by adding other pitches to the melody, creating a blend of sound. Melody and harmony together determine the tone, giving the piece a particular emotional feel. Rhythm is the beat of the music, also known as tempo. 

Applying Circle Theory

Once you understand the basics, you can start using circle theory Rockford IL to improve your composition skills. This theory is based on the circle of fifths. The term “fifth” refers to the interval between two notes in a chord. All 12 notes of the Western scale are depicted in a wheel-like diagram. The position of the notes on the circle indicates their relationship to the other notes in the scale. By studying the circle of fifths, you can tell which notes harmonize with others. You will also be able to create natural-sounding chord progressions, which are the transitions that take a song from beginning to end. 

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Knowledge of circle theory gives you a strong foundation for composition. Understanding the relationships between the notes of the scale will make writing music easier and allow for greater freedom. You can feel confident that the music you create will elicit the desired response in your listeners.

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