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Past the Park: Wildflower Area

Bragi Teitsson/ September 9, 2016/ Paintings/ 0 comments

Beyond the Park: Wildflower Field

Past the Park: Wildflower Area, 2015 Acrylic on Canvas, 18×18″
yumart is happy to existing “Beyond The Park: Nearscapes”, an exhibition of luscious new will work on paper and canvas by Tim Noonan.

“The sequence of current acrylic, oil and watercolour paintings on canvas and paper are interpreted from the fringe landscape. The abstractions are comprised of simplified shapes, designs and improved color to evoke both of those the mood and texture of a near scape with urban inclusions.”
Tim Noonan 2015

Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday February 7th, two:00 to five:00 p.m.

yumart is located on the 2nd floor at 101 Spadina, just south of Adelaide

Exhibition proceeds to February 28th, 2015

gallery several hours: Wednesday to Saturday, noon to six p.m.

Posted by Tim Noonan on 2015-01-16 01:fifty four:thirty

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