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The church is a place where there are many traditions and different styles of worship. One style that has been around for a long time is hymns from old gospel music, passed down from generation to generation. However, these songs were written in the 18th and 19th centuries, so they do not relate to today’s people. In addition, because these songs have been sung for so long, it can be difficult to understand what the words mean or how they might have sounded.

For this reason, new gospel music was born about 70 years ago, deliberately using popular instruments during that period, such as jazz and boogie-woogie pianos. The use of modern music with biblical help draw young adults into the church, who might otherwise skip Sunday services. New gospel music plays several roles in society today.

o This is one-way old gospel songs differ from new ones because they do not talk about everyday things relevant to people today. Today’s complex world can be difficult to understand, so some songs explain salvation and how it relates to everyday life. An example of this would be singing about someone that was sick instead of referencing a biblical story.

o  New gospel music has helped bring more young adults to the church by using modern instruments like electric guitars and drums. This helps attract their attention to the music they already know instead of hymns from old gospel songs that they have no interest in learning about or listening to. In addition, because these songs use words directly related to everyday things people go through, it brings a sense of comfort knowing someone understands what is going on in their lives.

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o Reminding people of God through new gospel music keeps them involved in the church even if everyone else does not feel welcomed. This is what helped me when I was trying to become closer to God. It got my attention because it looked different than what everyone else was singing, but the meaning of the songs spoke directly to me without feeling uncomfortable or awkward.

The use of new gospel music today can be a wonderful thing if it is used properly. When writing a song, remember why you are doing so to gain inspiration from God and offer your readers something useful. This could be something as simple as another way to think about their problems or maybe just a reminder that God loves them no matter what.

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