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When moving across a city or a country, you need to work with your movers. As you get ready for your moving day, you need to choose a company to help move your belongings safely and quickly. After you have done your research, it is time to schedule your movers, separate your belongings and make plans for your larger items. 

Planning Your Move

Schedule Pickup and Drop-Off 

The first thing you need to do is contact the movers and schedule your moving day. This call should include when you want everything picked up and dropped off. Typically, you want to schedule your movers two months out to ensure availability. You should plan for when you need to leave your house and when your new home is ready for you. You don’t want to be without furniture too long, but you need somewhere to put it.

Separate Your Belongings

Once your movers are scheduled, start organizing. You don’t want your movers to take everything. Knowing how to pack is important. Take the time to go through your items and sort them. Make your categories simple: throw away/donate, send with movers and carry yourself. Items you keep with you should be the clothes you need while moving, basic toiletries, expensive items and what you need until your belongings arrive.

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Plan for Big Ticket Items  

There are just some items you need to be moved safely, particularly your larger items like boats or musical instruments. These belongings require additional work to ensure they transport properly. When you are researching your movers, check for specialty movers like a piano moving company Fresno CA. Specialty movers use different tools to help protect and care for your belongings while on the road. With the right company booked, you can rest at ease on moving day, knowing your property is safe.  

By following these three steps, moving day is sure to be a cinch!

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