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The National Visual Arts Standards are component of the National Core Arts Requirements, which had been launched in 2014. Visual Arts, as defined by the National Art Education Association, consist of the standard fine arts such as drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpture media arts such as film, graphic communications, animation, and emerging technologies architectural, environmental, and industrial arts such as urban, interior, item, and landscape design and style folk arts and functions of art such as ceramics, fibers, jewelry, works in wood, paper, and other components.

Ramapo College and Caldwell University have partnered to develop a joint degree program whereby students who meet specified admissions requirements will be admitted to Ramapo College’s Visual Arts system with a concentration in either Drawing and Painting with Art Therapy or Sculpture with Art Therapy and provisionally admitted to Caldwell University’s Masters of Counseling with a Mental Health Counseling/Art Therapy Specialization.

Writing Intensive Requirement (six courses): 3 writing intensive courses in the basic education curriculum are required: First Year Seminar, Essential Reading and Writing, and Readings in the Humanities the other 3 courses are taken in the main.

Visual Arts faculty can provide information regarding offerings in the areas of Arts Management, and related art activities contained inside the Arts in Neighborhood contract main. Our visual arts course draws upon the knowledge of our staff, who are active practitioners and major researchers in their fields. NOTE: Students need to get a C+ or better in the lower level needs in the concentration to take upper level classes in that concentration, the Drawing and Painting concentration demands a C+ in both ARTS 101 and 201. That vision of the energy of art evolved into the Visual Arts Center which produced educational, cultural and financial impacts for Southwest Florida.

The Berrie Center houses spacious, effectively-equipped art studios exactly where students can study both traditional and modern approaches to painting, drawing, and photography, as properly as 3D printing, game design and style, video, and animation. Learn much more about the history and method for establishing the National Arts Education Standards.

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