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Your back or front garden does not need to be a shy and retiring piece of your property. With a few creative moves, you can turn your garden into a piece of prime real estate. Color, texture and lighting all add the drama you crave and can up your enjoyment immeasurably. Try a couple of the following ideas

Choose Native Plantings

Whether you are in the plains states where plumes of pampas grass thrive or the deep south where cacti are the stars of the show, choosing some native plants can help your garden be a success, as the plants are already acclimated to your grow zone. Strive for some variation in height and size of blossoms or leaves for a great mix of balance and texture. Choose some greens, such as hosta for a solid base, then add some height with gladiolus, zinnias, or day lilies. Trim the edges with border plants such as phlox or flowering myrtle.

Add an Artistic Element

You can add a bit of additional interest with a cool water feature, bird bath or statuary. Your own motif could be custom designed into some

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Corten steel gates to make your garden match your personality. Adding an element of stone, iron or other material heightens the interest and adds a nice focal point or conversation piece.

Light it Up

Path and feature lighting can provide safety in the dark evening hours, but can also add an aire of magic to the area. Strings of fairy lights in the trees can add a subtle twinkle of imagined fireflies, while spotlights or uplights can highlight a special feature. Make sure to have enough light to illuminate walkways as well. If desired, yellow tinted bulbs can help keep bugs away.

Any one of the items above can enhance your garden. Using several, you can have a wonderful outdoor space to entertain and meditate in the garden of your dreams.

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