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San Francisco-primarily based agency Cutwater asked me, along with other designers from across the globe, to participate in an advertising campaign for Ray Ban’s new Uncommon Prints collection. In a way, the artwork on Let There Be Rock is rather simplistic, but there is just anything about these rays of light shining down on Angus that appears, properly… profound… intense… classic The cover was photographed in March 1977 in Southend, Essex, UK, at the Kursaal Ballroom and also featured the familiar AC/DC logo, made by Gerard Huerta , for the 1st Australian cover was originally various, but was eventually repackaged with this version.

Nicke Andersson of Swedish rock band Imperial State Electric and former front man of The Hellacopters approached me to develop the art for the vinyl album of his band. Effects commissioned me to create some lettering artwork for his newest invention the ‘Road Runner – Octave Fuzz Wah Flying Machina’. I produced the artwork and logo design and style for the new album by Dutch musicians Def P & Beatbusters The album title ‘Hard op Weg’, Dutch for ‘well on the way’, can be interpreted in a positive or negative way. NOTE TO DEVELOPERS: If you want to do any automation or hit the API I’ve written straight, please think about obtaining the source code I’ve created publicly available on GitHub and hosting it oneself.

In modern day occasions, artists have turn into entirely independent from societal ideologies, and instead of communicating the realities of life, artwork has turn into a indicates for the artist to communicate personal ideologies and spiritual themes by means of visual and other elements.

By donating to ArtWorks, you support us to continue to EMPLOY, ENGAGE, Produce, TRANSFORM the Higher Cincinnati area. What ever the painting’s which means, it was an great cover, produced by Randy Berrett who was known at the time for his fantasy artwork typically utilized for book covers. Artwork Archive has been incredibly useful to our company to have such a handy way to organize and manage our collection with 1 tool is paramount. With a small effort, you can develop a living archive of your function and enjoy all the advantages it brings.

With Mötorhead’s fourth album, Ace of Spades, the band actually started to solidify its place in heavy metal history. The band would go on to much achievement in Europe and other locations even though star status in the U.S. usually eluded them. But those fans who identified the band all these many years ago have stayed loyal and nonetheless adhere to the band members in their more current endeavors The Hickmen, The Stepmothers and, of course, Cracker. With their gang vocals and slightly western tinged alt-rock, the band in no way truly clicked with the mainstream. The game was Triumph guitarist/ vocalist Rik Emmet’s thought and made to be impossible to win by band bassist Mike Levine. I’ve added these in addition to incorporating album artwork and app icons from the App Shop.

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