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Children are often told to work hard and stay positive—but they are rarely told why. To instill a positive perspective and good work ethic in your kids, you first need to instill in them why these things are important in the first place. The process is, of course, ongoing throughout their childhoods, but you can get a jumpstart with advice from this article.

Teach Your Children About Reward and Consequence with Incentive-Based Chores Around Your Home

One of the biggest debates in the parenting world is whether or not you should reward your child for doing chores and things around the house.

Think of it like this. You go to work to get money. You are essentially being rewarded for doing something that you would otherwise do somewhere else, like cleaning a house or designing a website.

Chores for kids are the same. Yes, it’s their jobs but rewards serve as incentives to make it easier for them to take on those responsibilities. If you don’t go to work, you don’t reap those benefits. The same applies to children that refuse to do their chores. It’s an excellent example of reward and consequence. And as children get older, you can give them tougher tasks to challenge their growing minds.

Encourage Your Teen to Find Paid Work or Volunteer Part-Time Over the Summer

Teens need to learn how to take on responsibilities for themselves because that’s basically all adulthood is. It’s being independent and keeping yourself afloat in the world. Hence, the reason you should encourage your child to find some kind of summer work—either paid or volunteer, so they can see how hard work and responsibility are rewarded outside of home.

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Teach Kids They Can Be Whatever They Want to Be—Within Reason

You can absolutely be an advocate for your child’s dreams and imaginations. And you SHOULD tell them that they can be whatever they want to be. However, you should let them know that whatever they want to be needs to be worked hard for.

They won’t wake up one day and have the opportunity to be an astronaut, doctor, veterinarian, etc. Example? If they want to be a famous pianist one day, then you need to get in contact with Boston piano dealers, and your kids need to put in the effort to become awesome pianists. They have to focus and work towards those goals in order to achieve them. Don’t give your children the false belief that great things will simply fall into their lap.

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