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To give your home a head start on the season, it’s a great idea to start shopping for seasonal decorations before the holidays hit. There are plenty of decorative items that embrace the ambiance of the chillier months while still looking at home from October to December. To get some ideas for decorative items you can use in your home throughout all of the colder parts of the year, look at the list of suggestions compiled below.

Nordic Art

Nordic art often captures a look that is reminiscent of a colder climate. For example, there are many Scandinavian crafts products that come in colors that are complimentary to the season, offering subtle ways of enhancing the décor in your home to maintain a festive ambiance. You can incorporate accent pieces such as linens and pillows that use Nordic-inspired designs and colors. To take things up a notch, you can also display Nordic art on your walls.

Hanging Lights

To add to the feelings of cheer, hang decorative lights around your home. Instead of focusing on the usual holiday lights that are displayed throughout December, look into a variety of other string lights that will provide a wider range of lighting options such as copper string lights. You can also add lanterns and candles to give off ambient lighting that will help create a warm and cozy aesthetic that suits the season.

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Seasonal Plants

To help embrace the chillier months even more, look into plants that suit the fall and winter months. You can either display plants that are associated with popular depictions of the holidays or select plants that are appropriate for the region you live in. If you invest in live plants, take time to do a little research beforehand so that you can care for them properly.

By using the tips above, you can decorate your home for the holiday season in advance.

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