The Hidden Benefits of Attending a Sip and Paint

Bragi Teitsson/ March 30, 2020/ Paintings/ 0 comments

If you have never heard of a sip and paint party, you must have lived off the radar for the last few years. This booming past time is becoming a major favorite in communities all around the globe. Instructed painting can be a relaxing and therapeutic experience that can be done around friends and fine wine. Let’s look at some of the hidden benefits you can gain from joining one of these parties.

Relieves Stress 

Regardless of how many people are around during a sip and paint, the actual act of painting is solo. The process allows you to focus on the immediate task at hand and drop those other worries on your mind. This shifting of focus allows you to relieve the tension in your body and experience a more relaxed state.

Gives You A Self-Confidence Boost

If you have ever attended one of these events, you know the instructor shows you an example of the end result of what you are about to paint. This can be intimidating as you try to think how you’re going to make your canvas look anything like the one they are showing off. However, once you get started and follow along with the steps it becomes easier. Before you know it, you’re done and your painting looks similar to the one the instructor initially showed off. This is a big self-confidence boost.

Triggers Your Creativity 

Painting is one of the easiest ways to help your creative juices flow. This holds especially true when you participate in one of these parties at a local artists shop, such as paint and wine Auckland. Since you are in a non-competitive environment, meaning you’re not getting graded on your work, you can craft your masterpiece into whatever your heart desires.

If you want to add more emotion into your painting, you can do so. If you want to be more abstract than the instructor’s painting, you can do so. You can make your painting as creative as you would like as it’s yours to keep. And remember, that painting stimulates both sides of your brain making for the ultimate brain stimulating activity.

Provokes Socialization And New Friendships 

Most individuals who attend these sip and paint events aren’t talented artists with loads of experience. Rather, they are average people just like you who want to have some fun. By painting in a group environment while drinking wine, you can socialize with those around you. These are great events to meet new people and develop new friendships. There’s nothing more bonding for a fresh relationship than working through a similar experience together. Sip and paints give you the perfect environment to foster these ties while having fun and laughing in the process.

Sip and paints are becoming the newest craze across the world. People all over the place are enjoying testing their artistic abilities while sipping delicious wine with friends. If you haven’t attended one of these events yet, you definitely need to so you can reap all the hidden benefits that are listed out above.