Top Activities To Enhance Your Child’s Brain Function

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As a parent, you want to make sure that your child has all the things they need to grow healthy and strong. You’ll do your best to make sure that they’re getting plenty of exercise, a balanced diet and a good night’s rest. Just as you’re concerned with their physical well-being, you want to make sure that their cognitive function is developing as well. Here are some activities that can help boost your kid’s brain function, including decision making, problem solving, memory and processing of info. 

Enhance Your Child’s Brain Function

Playing Sports

While it’s common to think of sports as enhancing a child’s physical fitness, it also goes a long way to improve brain function, especially skills related to making decisions, solving problems and working with others to achieve a goal. Team sports also help a child develop fine and gross motor skills, learning how to properly handle equipment and develop coordination. The social element behind athletics also cultivates social skills. 

Embracing the Arts

The arts both visual and performance, present an opportunity for a child to explore their sense of creativity. Having time to explore their own sense of creativity with unstructured activities such as drawing or writing is crucial in helping them to express themselves and process information. Formal study of music, dance and other art forms also helps to cultivate social, psychological and fine motor skills. Consider music lessons Louisville KY or dance school to help them unearth hidden passions and explore their talents. 

Engaging in STEM

STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Participation in STEM activities offered through afterschool clubs or summer camps can help your child develop critical thinking, problem solving and information processing. STEM-related activities provide the opportunity for kids to learn by hands-on, experiential learning. 

Brain function like physical development can be enhanced for your child’s benefit with various activities outside of formal education. Sports, arts and STEM activities are just some of the things that can enrich your child’s cognitive skills. They also give kids a chance to unlock and develop their gifts.

Wedding Ideas for 2020

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With each new year comes new trends for weddings. While you shouldn’t necessarily plan your wedding around new trends if they don’t appeal to you, trying out a trend can be a way to add interest to your big event, especially if you’re looking for some new ideas. If you want to keep your wedding fresh for 2020, here are a few things to consider trying as you plan for your wedding. 

Wedding Ideas for 2020

Atmospheric Weddings

When it comes to memories of your wedding, the color scheme or decorations probably won’t be the first things that come to mind. Most likely, you will remember the people there with you, and the overall feeling of your wedding. If you want to have a wedding that is truly memorable, doing things like hiring a classical music singer Florida can be a great way to add a special touch to your wedding and create an atmosphere that you and your guests will remember for years to come. 

Small Weddings

Another trend for weddings in 2020 are micro weddings, or small weddings. Increasingly, couples are opting for smaller, more intimate weddings where they can not only save money on the event, but also have an event where they can focus their attention on those that they truly care about. Small weddings typically have a guest list of 50 people or less, and discourage guests from bringing a plus one. 

Sustainable Weddings

Something else that is gaining popularity in 2020 are sustainable weddings. For many, this trend is not just about doing something good for the environment, but also taking the opportunity to up-cycle items for their wedding. One way that many do this is by choosing a vintage wedding dress, or by using an old family heirloom for an engagement ring. That way, they’re not just helping the environment, but ensuring their wedding is unique, as well. 

Every new year, there are new trends for weddings. While you shouldn’t change your wedding plans just to fit a trend, they can be a fun way to add something special to your big day.

4 Ways To Relax When You Are Stressed

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4 Ways To Relax When You Are Stressed

No matter where you live, the world has become a crazy place for most people as uncertainty rules their ever-waking moment. As stress continues to build each day, you may look a few options for easing the craziness and anxiety in your life. Here are the four most popular ways you can choose to relax.

1. Music

If you are like most people, you often use music to invigorate you. Why not let it soothe your stressed soul, too? If you play a musical instrument, use the time to feel the music. If you need musical instrument repair service San Mateo CA, take the item to the shop today. Playing music tomorrow will be worth the repair costs!

2. Reading

Losing yourself in a book may not be the most popular way to de-stress, but it works. Your anxiety may disappear as your mind wanders into the lives of the characters or relaxing those tense muscles may occur because you are stretched out in a comfortable position. No matter why it works, you will find yourself feeling less stressed and much more relaxed while reading a good book.

3. Meditation

You don’t have to join a spa or Zen group to learn how to relax using meditation. You can sit in a comfortable chair at home or work, or you can lay upon your bed. Next, close your eyes, take some long deep breaths, and listen to yourself as you breathe. You can play soft music in the background to help you relax, or you can listen to a guided meditation to help you unwind.

4. Exercise

Exercise doesn’t need to mean time in the gym running on a treadmill or lifting weights. You can get your blood flowing with some simple stretches, a few jumping jacks, or some wall pushups. If you find yourself feeling blue, let the endorphins flow by exercising for 10 minutes. You can even walk or job around the block.

You can fight stress. Choose one of these methods and see how soon your tension melts away.

Why You Need To Tune Your Piano Regularly

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Whether the piano in your home gets played every day, or only occasionally, taking good care of it can be important. While some may not think about maintaining their piano much, the reality is that getting regular piano tuning St Louis MO can be important for your piano, and ensuring that it stays in the family for years to come.

Why You Need To Tune Your Piano Regularly

It Can Lengthen the Life of Your Piano

One of the primary benefits of getting regular tunings for your piano is that it can help lengthen its lifespan. A lack of maintenance can not only mean that your piano will sound out of tune when you play it, but it also means that more stress will be put on it, overall. The more stress that is put on the piano, the more likely it will be to get damaged, and eventually become unplayable. When it comes to piano maintenance, getting a tuning about once every 6 months is ideal, particularly if you live in a particularly humid climate, however, getting it tuned at least once a year is often all that is required to take proper care of it. 

It Prevents Damage and Saves You Money

When a piano is out of tune, this means that there are different tension levels in the strings. These differing tension levels can lead to a wide variety of issues, one of them being a cracked soundboard, which can be costly to fix. In fact, replacing a cracked soundboard can be so expensive that some may opt to purchase a new piano, instead. By getting your piano tuned at regular intervals, you can help save your piano, and save yourself some money in the long run, too.

A Final Note

Whether your piano is the centerpiece of your home or something that you only play occasionally, it can be important to maintain it properly. By getting regular tunings at least once a year, you can help to ensure that your instrument will be around for years to come. 

Top 3 Important Tips for Aspiring Musicians

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Following your dreams and becoming a successful musician is an ideal scenario. However, that path will not always be easy and you will need to work hard to get there. As you make your way, you will need advice from multiple sources. The following tips can help you in your journey towards making your wishes come true. 

Top 3 Important Tips for Aspiring Musicians

1. Accept Your Limitations 

Practice is important and something you need to take seriously if you want to master any musical skill. That being said, you do not need to sacrifice your entire life to practice. Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule is not completely accurate as there is no specific time window for improvement. You must make time for rest and relaxation, as you will be unable to practice if you are stressed and tired. Also, you will need a job to afford music equipment and other resources. 

2. Study the Industry 

Since you are trying to enter the music industry, you can benefit from studying it. Even though your music will have its own identity, it doesn’t hurt to investigate current trends and fads you can incorporate. Additionally, some music companies have preferences that are not always obvious. For instance, they prefer that you amass more fans locally than throughout the country, since they will think you will attract that amount of people in each city.  

3. Take Pride in Your Recordings

While it is fine to share your demo recordings with close loved ones, you should prepare something more professional for record companies or the larger public. Your songs and musical talent will mean nothing if the recording quality is subpar. Professional music production los angeles ca can help you create a high-quality recording, but you can always start by being more meticulous with your work. 

Starting your career as a musician can be difficult, but the rewards for succeeding are worth it. Practice often, follow advice like this and believe in your work to get far.