3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Live Music for Your Next Event

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Perfect Live Music

A sure way to take an event to the next level is to hire a band or singer. Live music usually has much better sound quality in comparison to recorded music, but its advantages go much further than that. A singer or band can change the whole atmosphere of your event and serve as a prominent source of entertainment throughout the night. Consider a few tips that may help you decide which musicians to reach out to for your next get together.

1. Match the Mood

One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a singer or band is what style of music they are known for. It is essential to find a good match between the mood of the music and the intended mood of your event. Artists who usually perform upbeat music may be a great fit for a lighthearted, fun occasions. Alternatively, calmer, more professional events may warrant softer music, such as a female jazz vocalist Palm Beach County FL.

2. Think About Logistics

Once you know the style of music you are interested in, be sure to consider your budget and available space. If you don’t have much room to work with, you may wish to look for an individual singer or small band. For tight budgets, be sure to communicate with your top choices about what they charge.

3. Plan Ahead

A final piece of advice is to start making arrangements as soon as possible. Because many musicians perform at big events, they often make commitments far in advance. You don’t want to wait until the last minute and find that all your favorite artists are already booked.

Choosing and hiring a singer or band takes some thought and preparation, but it is entirely worth it. The right band can help set just the atmosphere your event needs and make the occasion an unforgettable one. 

Ways To Add More Art to Your Life

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Does art reflect life, or is it the other way around? No matter where you stand on the matter, you probably agree that art holds an important place in society. You don’t have to simply be a spectator, though. You can add more art to your life by making it yourself.

Art for Life


There’s a reason it feels so good to drive down a deserted country road with the window down and the music turned up, belting your heart out. Even singing by yourself releases endorphins and can lighten your mood. If you are nervous about singing around other people, voice lessons Elizabeth NJ, can help you overcome some of your fears.


Making art has many benefits, including improved focus, increased hope and lower stress. When you add the cardiovascular benefits of dance to that mix, several areas of your life are likely to improve. Learning a new dance or dusting off those old tap shoes to get back into practice helps you embody the feelings you need to express.


Many people are visual learners. When you create visual art by drawing or painting, you can appeal to the sense that speaks to them the most. You can take a painting class or just buy a canvas and some acrylic paints to create abstract art of your own. There’s no wrong way to express what you want to share with the world through art.


If you were forced to take lessons on a musical instrument when you were a child, you may not have been old enough to appreciate it yet. As you have honed your musical tastes throughout your life, it may be worth it to give the instrument another shot. Begin where you left off, or get a local teacher to help you brush up on your skills.

You don’t just have to watch others perform. You can bring more art into your life by making it yourself.

Are You Considering a Move Abroad? Check Out These 4 Tips From Ex-Pats First

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Move Abroad

More Americans are choosing to relocate to other countries. Whether you choose to move to an established ex-pat community or immerse yourself in local customs, these tips can help you make the transition with ease. 

1. Plan for Health Care

Many healthcare plans do not cover care when you move out of the country, so you will want to make arrangements for this ahead of time. If you have any existing health conditions that require regular monitoring or doctor visits, then it is even more important. Luckily, many other countries have free or very low-cost medical care, so you might find it is actually less expensive to maintain your health overseas

2. Learn the Language

Landing in a foreign place with no way to communicate is not the best way to start out. Sure, you’ll eventually pick up a lot of the local language as you interact with your surroundings, but it will be easier if you have a basic understanding of it beforehand. Look into French intensive courses to get a jumpstart on learning. At the very least, you’ll be able to ask for directions to your new home. 

3. Have a Safety Net in Place

Unexpected expenses can come up quickly, and that certainly won’t stop once you move. Work to establish a savings safety net account that you can draw on in an emergency. If you haven’t lined up a job, this may be your only source of income until that is resolved. 

4. Notify Financial Institutions 

Call your banks and any credit card companies and tell them you are moving out of the country. Ensure that your accounts do not have foreign transaction fees and unlock any travel restrictions that might keep you from accessing your assets. Call them again right before the move to confirm the information. 

Many people have successfully moved out of the country to start new lives. Taking action ahead of time by learning the language, developing a safety net and planning for healthcare will help make the transition more smooth. 

3 Things to Buy If You Are Left Handed

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If you are left handed, you know the difficulties of always having to use products made for right handed people. However, there is hope for you yet. Companies are beginning to realize that their products are not all inclusive and are offering items for their left handed consumers. Here are a couple of items that can benefit any left handed individual.

Left Handed


Many left handed people are forced to learn an instrument with their non-dominant hand. However, this can be very difficult for many people. While it is true that some instruments, like many string instrument, are unable to be left handed, there are some options for left handers. For example, there are left handed electric guitars for sale online and in some stores. This gives left handed people a chance to play an instrument in a way that is most comfortable for them.


As you know, almost all scissors, no matter where you go, are right handed. However, there are stores that sell left handed scissors. An estimated 10% of the world is left handed, so you should not have to live your life using scissors that weren’t meant for you.


One of, if not the most, difficult parts of being left handed is writing in a ringed notebook. However, with a left handed notebook, that can be a thing of the past. Unlike traditional notebooks, with a left handed notebook you will actually have a smooth surface to rest your hand as you write. With a left handed notebook, you will actually be able to put your hand down while you write instead of lifting it so it doesn’t get stuck on the rings of the notebook.

Being left handed in today’s society can be difficult. However, there are many things that are available now to help make your life easier.

3 Ways A Disaster Consultant Could Improve School Safety

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It would be wonderful if educators could simply focus on basic lessons. Unfortunately, society is just more complicated than that; thus, teachers and staff are left to think beyond the books. They must also consider the physical and emotional safety of those on campus. What should an instructor do if bullets fly through a classroom? How should someone handle a tornado? Is a mask enough to keep a virus at bay? These are not easy questions to answer. In fact, those in charge may find it useful to turn to a school disaster consultant. This specialist can offer advice on things that weren’t discussed in the college education programs. Here are three reasons to seek the support of this expert.

1. Assess COVID-19 Procedures

School districts are working quickly to understand the threat of COVID-19, but these professionals are not experts in the medical field. An outsider with a scientific and medical background can oversee changes and modifications, helping to ensure that they are functional and appropriate. This could include advising on daily activities, spacing out the classroom and how to handle monitoring for symptoms. 

2. Determine Physical Security Weaknesses

Today’s campuses not only must safeguard against an invisible virus, but leaders must also protect students from potential physical threats such as school shooters. Have an overview completed of the premises, discussing any changes to entrances or exits. In addition, locate vulnerable spots and enhance them with proper security measures.

3. Assist in Protection

Some locations are forgoing relationships with the local police, yet parents still want security in place. Consultants can aid in getting appropriate staffing and determine how much is needed to truly secure the area. It’s an outside, non-political method of getting the premises prepared.

Teacher instruction is still a priority, but it’s not enough. Parents deserve to know that when they send their kids to school that they’re being cared for in the best possible way.