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Move Abroad

More Americans are choosing to relocate to other countries. Whether you choose to move to an established ex-pat community or immerse yourself in local customs, these tips can help you make the transition with ease. 

1. Plan for Health Care

Many healthcare plans do not cover care when you move out of the country, so you will want to make arrangements for this ahead of time. If you have any existing health conditions that require regular monitoring or doctor visits, then it is even more important. Luckily, many other countries have free or very low-cost medical care, so you might find it is actually less expensive to maintain your health overseas

2. Learn the Language

Landing in a foreign place with no way to communicate is not the best way to start out. Sure, you’ll eventually pick up a lot of the local language as you interact with your surroundings, but it will be easier if you have a basic understanding of it beforehand. Look into French intensive courses to get a jumpstart on learning. At the very least, you’ll be able to ask for directions to your new home. 

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3. Have a Safety Net in Place

Unexpected expenses can come up quickly, and that certainly won’t stop once you move. Work to establish a savings safety net account that you can draw on in an emergency. If you haven’t lined up a job, this may be your only source of income until that is resolved. 

4. Notify Financial Institutions 

Call your banks and any credit card companies and tell them you are moving out of the country. Ensure that your accounts do not have foreign transaction fees and unlock any travel restrictions that might keep you from accessing your assets. Call them again right before the move to confirm the information. 

Many people have successfully moved out of the country to start new lives. Taking action ahead of time by learning the language, developing a safety net and planning for healthcare will help make the transition more smooth. 

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