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Are you a songwriter who’s feeling creatively dry? Is it a challenge lately to come up with new ideas? Relax — you’re in good company. Even the most high-level songwriters deal with creative challenges. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to break out of a songwriting rut. Read on for a few ideas. 

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1. Get Recorded

If you’re not doing this already, start. It’s as easy as using the memo app on your phone. When you wake up, grab your phone and record any ideas that might have come to you during the night. Let yourself hum and record nonsense vowels. Nobody has to hear it but you. Listen back later. Many songwriters jumpstart their creativity by booking studio time. Not sure where to look? Do a search using terms such as music recording studio Chicago to find a skilled professional. 

2. Get With a Mentor

Even one mentorship session with a professional songwriter can make a major difference in your level of confidence and motivation. Find someone who has qualities you admire and a track record of success. Their style doesn’t have to be exactly like yours, but they should “get” you. 

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3. Go To a Workshop

Online or in-person, free or paid, workshops are pleasurable, eye-opening experiences that put you at close range with talented mentors and peers. You’ll get the chance to see how others go through their creative processes, give and receive feedback, and possibly get the chance to do a co-write or two. 

4. Write Outside the Box

Try writing a song from a different perspective (a story song, for example), using the groove and chordal outlines of a song you love, or changing up the genre. You never know what you’ll come up with. 

Improving your songwriting chops takes focus and intentionality. Keep these tips in mind as you craft your plan. 

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