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Music is a wonderful and powerful force in the lives of many people. Despite the wide variety and accessibility of musical genres that exist around the world, people tend to stick to listening to music that they are familiar with and miss out on new styles of music that they might enjoy. Here are four styles of music to explore. 

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1. Classical

Classical music generally refers to the genre of music that follows traditional principles of the Western world dating back to Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Sebastian Bach. However, many contemporary classical music artists continue the genre on the piano, violin, cello and other timeless instruments. Give classical music a try if you are looking for something containing a more relaxing pace.

2. Caribbean

Caribbean music contains heavy African influences such as the use of percussion and call-and-response vocals, and includes styles like reggae, ska and calypso. Consider finding and listening to a Caribbean station Brooklyn NY on the radio to learn more about the rich variety and history of this upbeat genre of music. 

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3. Jazz

Jazz originated from Black musicians in the Louisiana area and includes elements such as complex harmonies and an abundance of improvisation. Improvisation is one of the major traits that sets jazz apart from other genres of music, where songs sound largely the same each time they are performed. Common instruments used in jazz include the trumpet, clarinet, guitar, saxophone and drums. 

4. Electronic

Often described as trance-like, electronic music makes use of digital instruments to produce rhythm and sound. This genre of music is commonly associated with dance clubs and discos but consists of many other styles besides the ones commonly played in these venues. Techno, house and dubstep are some other styles associated with electronic music. 

If you are looking to expand your musical palette, give one of these four styles a try. 

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