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commercial voice talent

You have most likely encountered voice actors at parties, shows and other entertainment venues as well as on television and radio. However, not much is known to the ordinary public about this profession. Here are four interesting facts about commercial voice talent.

1. Most Work at Home, On Call

Many of us picture voice actors as sitting in a studio saying their lines together, but that is not how most of the work is done. The large majority of voice acting is performed solo. In addition, many in the profession receive work with very little notice, so they must be available most hours of the day. 

2. They Use Props

While we usually think of props being used by on-screen television and movie actors, you might be surprised to know that voice actors use them as well. Computers are useful for some voice adjustments, but different acoustics are still achieved by using ordinary objects found in the studio or room where the actor is working. This might even involve eating or drinking actual food and beverages if that is what their character is doing. 

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3. Some May Be On Screen

Although most voiceover work is done behind the scenes, some voice actors are employed as movie extras, appearing on screen to generate talking and other noise in the background. Their main focus here is blending into the film set and creating the desired ambiance. 

4. An Amazing Voice Is Not Needed

Surprisingly, having a wonderful and easy to listen to voice is not necessarily a requirement for the job. There are characters out there for all types of voices. For example, many young animated characters’ voices are portrayed by someone much older who happens to have a high-pitched voice. 

Voice acting is often taken for granted when we watch forms of entertainment. Hopefully these four facts will provide insight into this profession.

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