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It would be wonderful if educators could simply focus on basic lessons. Unfortunately, society is just more complicated than that; thus, teachers and staff are left to think beyond the books. They must also consider the physical and emotional safety of those on campus. What should an instructor do if bullets fly through a classroom? How should someone handle a tornado? Is a mask enough to keep a virus at bay? These are not easy questions to answer. In fact, those in charge may find it useful to turn to a school disaster consultant. This specialist can offer advice on things that weren’t discussed in the college education programs. Here are three reasons to seek the support of this expert.

1. Assess COVID-19 Procedures

School districts are working quickly to understand the threat of COVID-19, but these professionals are not experts in the medical field. An outsider with a scientific and medical background can oversee changes and modifications, helping to ensure that they are functional and appropriate. This could include advising on daily activities, spacing out the classroom and how to handle monitoring for symptoms. 

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2. Determine Physical Security Weaknesses

Today’s campuses not only must safeguard against an invisible virus, but leaders must also protect students from potential physical threats such as school shooters. Have an overview completed of the premises, discussing any changes to entrances or exits. In addition, locate vulnerable spots and enhance them with proper security measures.

3. Assist in Protection

Some locations are forgoing relationships with the local police, yet parents still want security in place. Consultants can aid in getting appropriate staffing and determine how much is needed to truly secure the area. It’s an outside, non-political method of getting the premises prepared.

Teacher instruction is still a priority, but it’s not enough. Parents deserve to know that when they send their kids to school that they’re being cared for in the best possible way.

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