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Singing is a natural act. The main reason that a lot of people don’t think they’re singers is that early on, they’ve internalized a message of limitations. While the musical abilities and physical structures that make great singers vary, it’s still possible to maximize your own unique voice if you pay attention to a few basic areas. Here are some to get you started. 

Improve Your Singing Voice

1. Take Care of Your Voice 

When it comes to your voice, your entire body is an instrument. The overall health and responsiveness of your body, mind, and emotions will have a big effect on how your voice sounds and feels. Follow best-practice self-care strategies in key areas — including sleep, exercise, nutrition, rest, and recreation. Pay special attention to your psychological and spiritual health. Need more support? Do a search for a professional like vocal therapist New York NY to find a specialist who’s right for you.  

2. Listen and Watch

When you put your earbuds in, watch that video, or go to that live show, listen carefully to the sounds the singer is making. How do they seem to be producing the sound? What changes seem to make the most difference? The most important thing to consider: Does the singing move you? In this era of technically proficient singers, it’s even harder to find that X factor that makes a singer unique and that actually makes the audience feel something.

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3. Learn

There’s no shortage of vocal training approaches that are proven safe and effective. The key: Find a method that resonates with you and gets the results you want, and find a teacher/coach who will give you straightforward, compassionate feedback. As you practice, record yourself, too. 

Improving your singing voice is a lifelong journey. Try these suggestions to get yourself started on this rewarding path!  

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